Swiss Fresh Water

Swiss Fresh Water SA is a Swiss company producing decentralized solar-powered desalinization systems.

With the support of the Incandescent Lab, Swiss Fresh Water produced on June 28th 2011 the first liters of desalinated water in the village of Diamniadio in the delta of the Sine Saloum in Senegal. In this region, the population only has access to brackish water during the dry season. Moreover, the water is strongly contaminated too much fluoride which can damage the teeth.

The role of the Incandescent Lab is to support SFW SA to implement its pilot project, especially in terms of business model adjustments and socio-anthropological adaptation to cultural patterns and customs. One of the main challenges was to identify a local partner to help deploy and scale up the pilot in Senegal.

The calculation of the pricing was another challenge as different services were available. As of today, SFW SA will install 10 machines, some of them will be pre-financed by a loan of the Credit Mutuel du Senegal, a local MFI.

The water is sold at CFA 15 a liter, well below any mineral water, which is sold at CFA 400 for 1.5 liters. Moreover, since only brackish water is available in some villages, the villagers have to buy water from further inland at high rates. Therefore, the implementation of this project could have a strong impact on the lives of the population.

The next step will be based on results of the pilot and will scale up the project to cover all of the villages in the Sine Saloum. In a later stage, other regions in Senegal, where water is also loaded with too much fluoride, could benefit from this water filtration system.